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Collaborize Classroom and Richard Lang in Edtech Digest


Last week Edtech Digest‘s editor-in-chief Victor Rivero, interviewed Democrasoft CEO Richard Lang on how Democrasoft and originally Burst.com went from a video-on-demand systems to a major player in educational technology with Collaborize Classroom, a free online learning platform for teachers.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Richard Lang, a pioneer in the technology industry (co-inventor of the world’s first, patented dual-deck VCR back in 1983 and co-founder of Go-Video, as well as inventor of a video and audio delivery solution creating the foundation for today’s video-on-demand systems), Richard Lang is the co-founder of Burst.com, a company that transformed into what is now Democrasoft, a leading provider of social collaboration and voting platforms for building online communities. His passion for using technology to empower people runs deep, and in his spare time he is a prolific composer and musician.

Collaborize Classroom - Richard Lang

Victor: Why did you create Collaborize Classroom?

Richard Lang: Actually, Collaborize Classroom was really created by teachers who adapted our original Collaborize platform for their own use. When we saw how perfectly the platform could be adapted for Education, we focused our attention on it and customized it for teachers, based on their valuable input.

Victor: What does the name mean?

Richard Lang: Collaborize is a term we coined. We think of it as a combination of the term “Collaborate” and any one of the following (or more) terms: “Realize”, “Energize”, “Materialize”, “Improvise”

To read “Richard Lang’s Passion for Collaborizing Classrooms” in it’s entirety, please visit Edtech Digest.com.

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